Our Solution

“Share the Light”

Here at STELLUX our company goal is to “share the light” by sharing our knowledge of how to navigate the LED lighting revolution. You shouldn't have to sacrifice costs to get the most out of you're lighting experience, but don't worry, we're here to show you how. We help our clients fully take advantage of the many opportunities this changing landscape continues to offer.

Trade Allies

Trade Allies are contractors who have been trained on the specific processes and procedures of an energy company's incentive programs. They are often the only contractors eligible to submit applications on behalf of customers for such incentive programs. Becoming a Trade Ally with the right energy companies is important to us because it helps maximize the advantages we are able to supply our clients with. STELLUX is an approved Trade Ally with: DTE Energy, Consumers Energy, Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and soon Duke Energy.


In an effort to further along the use of LED technology and green energy the United States Federal and State governments are offering up mega-incentives. Our extensive knowledge of rebates, incentives, and federal tax credits is applied to your project, getting you back every dollar you deserve. The size of the incentives depend on: current lighting, size of the total project, and the state your project resides in. It's our goal to help you use everything available in order to reduce the costs and make your switch to "going green" as easy as possible.


STELLUX is an authorized contractor allowing you to receive special financing through programs variant on your state of residence. What this means is that we can finance your LED lighting switch through the money that you will be saving in the future. The savings that your new lights produce will pay for your LED switch over time. We do everything to make sure that no new money comes out of your pocket for the costs of the project. Too good to be true for you? Well it is. We are always happy to refer you to one of our many satisfied clients, just in case you need a second opinion.