About Us



Who We Are:

Stellux Management is a Michigan-based ESCO specializing in LED lighting and controls. We are also a Designated Trade Ally partner with DTE and Consumers. In the past year alone (2017), we completed over 50 major LED lighting projects saving our clients a total of 2,000,000 kWh of energy, while earning hundreds of thousands of dollars in incentives and rebates. Our team of LED experts are capable and ready to help guide your company through the LED conversion process.


What We Do:

  • We offer a FREE lighting energy analysis, including an estimate of your energy savings and your eligibility for the incentives offered
  • We provide a “turn-key” solution to your lighting project, handling the entire process for you
  • We participate in the Designated Trade Ally programs with DTE and Consumers
  • We help secure the funds necessary to complete your project and we ensure you receive your rebate
  • We design and install lighting control systems to maximize technology advancements
  • We make it happen! 100% of our projects begin within 10 days of initial approval and finish within 30 days


At Stellux, our mantra, “Share the Light”, propels us to develop lighting solutions that help maximize your energy efficiency, while securing multiples savings from all the go-green players (DTE, Consumers, Michigan Saves, local, state, and federal municipalities). We strive to help you raise the level of awareness for all employees by improving the lighting environment around them. Did you know, LED light is extremely stable, healthy, and safe? Our clients who made the switch to LED lighting have experienced increased employee performance! Finally, by switching to LED, you will see immediate results in your electric energy bill through the reduction of lighting kWh usage by 50% -70%…    saving you money!


Stellux’s partnership with Michigan Saves allows you to create a low interest payment plan that matches your savings each month from converting to LED lighting. In addition to the incentive money you will receive from converting to LEDs, your project currently qualifies for the Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings Federal Tax Deduction (179-D), which allows a $0.60/sqft. deduction 100% allowable in the same year the project is completed.


“Share the Light”